A Perfect Day In Provincetown

With so many wonderful experiences to choose from, we suggest you enjoy a Perfect P’TownCart adventure with a combination of places not to miss!

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1. Cruise the full length of Commercial Street and the many tiny public side roads for a look at the architecture, gardens and artwork that make Provincetown so unique. Don’t forget MacMillan Pier!


2. Hunt for the “Floater” Houses! They were once part of a settlement on Long Point, at the very tip of Cape Cod. When the settlement disbanded, many took their house with them by floating them across the harbor on rafts. 38 in all, look for the blue plaques they proudly display.


3. Go all the way down Commercial or Bradford Streets to Pilgrim’s First Landing Park where the Pilgrim’s first set foot in the new world. The magnificent jetty and surrounding marshes are great for photos!


4. Enjoy lunch at Fanizzi’s restaurant in the East End or Bubula’s just west of Town Center and of course Happy Hour at the Red Inn the West End. All have parking available and are the Ideal spots to take a break from exploring.


5. No trip to Provincetown is complete without a visit to the Pilgrim Monument & Museum! See the roots of our community and so much more.


6. To cool off, stop by the pool at either the Harbor Hotel or the Provincetown Inn. Open to the public, they have icy beverages and snacks too. Take a dip, get a sip and off you go!  There’s parking at both spots too.


7. Close out your cart adventure with a visit to Herring Cove Beach. In the day it’s a gorgeous spot to soak up the sun and take a swim. When night falls, the sunsets here are legendary and the ideal way to wrap up a day in Provincetown. Don’t forget the Farland’s Sunset Music Series on Wednesday nights!

For directions and more ideas on where to visit our Partners page on www.ptowncarts.com.

You’ll get inspired to keep exploring!

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